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Game interface


Program description

Tetris game. KolibriOS distribution contains version 1.61 of the game.

Aim and rules of the game

Tetramino shapes, consisting of 4 cells, fall into the flask. It is necessary to lay down a full horizontal row of cells, managing their fall by the keyboard. Folded row disappears, bringing the points. The goal is to score maximum points.


To move shapes to the left and to the right use arrow keys "Left" and "Right"
To accelerate movement of a tetramino shape press arrow key "Down" or "Space" key
To rotate a shape use arrow key "Up"


Original idea by A. Pajitnov
Realisation by Paolo Minazzi (paolo.minazzi@inwind.it)
Edits by Ville Turjanmaa, quickcode (quickcode@mail.ru), Ivan Poddubnyi, Sergei Kuzmin aka Wildwest, Andrey Halyavin, Gluk