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"Memory Blocks" game. KolibriOS distribution contains it.

The program file name mblocks.

Aim and rules of the game

Game for memory training. Every closed block hides a picture. It's impossible to open more than two blocks at a time. If pictures under the openned blocks are different tnen both blocks are turned, otherwise, blocks remain to be opened. The goal of the game is to open all the blocks as quickly as possible in the minimum number of attempts.


Press "New game" button (or "F2" key) to start a new game.
Press "EN" (or "RU", according to the current language of interface) button to change language of interface.
Click a block to open it.


Diamond - version on assembler by its design and functionality similar to the original version, included in the main KolibriOS distribution

Leency, Veliant - original version on С--