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Chip8 screen1.png

CHIP8 - Chip-8 systems emulator, written specially for KolibriOS in pure FASM from scratch.

Author: rgimad (


Open shell in emulator directory (in Eolite Ctrl+G opens shell).

Type for example:

 chip8 roms/ibm.ch8


CHIP8 emulator can process 16 keys, they are: 0-9, a, b, c, d, e, f


Emulator goes with some ROMs: games, demos, programs, etc. Some of them you can see below:

TETRIS (roms/tetris1.ch8)

How to play: 4 key is left rotate 5 - left move 6 - right move 1 - drop

After every 5 lines, the speed increases slightly and peaks at 45 lines.

SPACE INVADERS (roms/invaders1.ch8)

Very famous game

MAZE (roms/maze_alt.ch8)

A random maze generator

RND (roms/rnd.ch8)

Generates and prints out a random number. Press any key to generate one more.

IBM (roms/ibm.ch8)

Prints out the IBM logo

CHIP8 (roms/chip8.ch8)

Prints out the CHIP8 logo

More ROMs you can find here: