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View3ds is a viewer to 3ds files (*.3ds is native format of Autodesk 3d Studio; contains three dimmensional object). Viewer represents object in such shading models: flat, smooth, spherical environment mapping, cubic environment mapping, texture mapping, bump mapping; (those models have ability to choose drawing using Z_buffer (John Catmull alghoritm), or depth sorting (painters alghoritm)). Other shading models, that are implemented in this application are: smooth shading + texture mapping pararell; double texture mapping - allows to do environment mapping + texture pararell; Bump + texture mapping pararell. All shading models, but cubic environment mapping, are using three unlinear (Phong illumination) directional lights. Each object is rotated. Also are implemented: some postprocessing elements, generation of some objects, random lights choosing, backface culling... etc. Program is fully writen in Flat Assembler. The homepage of project is: