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Short Description

A VNC client for kolibrios. This allows you to connect to any computer running a VNC server so you have remote acces to the screen, keyboard and mouse of it!


  • hidnplayr


January 2007

Screenshot from the first published version. Original caption:
Here you can see how Heavyiron connected from Russia to my (hidnplayr's) server in Belgium.

  • Can connect to VNC servers that are not secured, using an unencrypted connection.
  • Uses DNS to retrieve IP
  • Only Supports RAW encoding for now.
  • Screen resolution of the server may not be bigger then that of the client.
  • Hard coded for 8Bpp now. (Because the stack is so horribly slow)
  • Can send mouse events.
  • Beeps if requested by the server.

August 2015

  • Resurrected from broken state.
  • Support for CopyRect, RRE and TRLE encodings added.
  • Support for keyboard added.
  • Support for VNC authentication added.
  • Support for 8/16/24/32 BPP (selectable before assembling) added.
  • Render cursor locally.


  • Update archiver.obj so that ZRLE will work.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Scrollbars ?
  • File transer support ?
  • Clipboard support ? (Need *real* clipboard in KolibriOS first..)
  • ...