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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the source code? / How do I work with KolibriOS's SVN server?

Get source code
Russian version of page

Is support for NTFS writing planned?

A member who goes by the handle Pathoswithin is working on it, see the related forum topic here

How do I create a bootable CD from the floppy image?

  1. In nero, create a new BOOTABLE cd.
  2. In the BOOT options tab, select 'floppy emulation' and select 'image'.
  3. Set the path of the floppy image.
  4. Create the project, you may also add other data to the disk. (games as doom, quake,..)
  5. Burn it.

How can I boot KolibriOS from...

  1. DualBoot Kolibrios with Windows NT/2K/XP
  2. Booting from GRUB
  3. Booting from USB flash
  4. Booting from PXE

What hardware is supported?

Supported Hardware

Where is all the documentation?

You can find the latest API documention in /kernel/docs/ in the SVN repository (WebSVN)

What filesystems are supported?

  • FAT12 - read/write (floppy only)
  • FAT32 - read/write
  • NTFS - read only, no encryption
  • EXT2/3 - read/write (write support experimental, use with caution!)
  • XFS - read only
  • CDFS - read only (cd-rom only)

What is kolibri.img?

  • Kolibri.img is essentialy an image of a 3,5" floppy diskette. It contains most programs, libraries, drivers and the kolibri kernel.
  • You write this image to a floppy, or boot the image from harddisk, cd-rom or USB device.
  • Editing the image can be done under windows through winimage, or in linux using dd or mount commands.

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