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Developed by: KolibriOS Project Team
License: GPL
Kernel type: Monolithic kernel
Working state: Active

KolibriOS is an open source operating system for 32-bit x86 computers based on MenuetOS, written entirely in Assembler/FASM.

IMPORTANT: Help KolibriOS development with you ideas and contribution!

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KolibriOS Features

  • A monolithic preemptive kernel that is less than 100 kilobytes in size, complete with streams, parallel execution of system calls, a USB and TCP/IP stack.
  • Speed: Thanks to being (carefully) written in Assembler, it's very fast.
  • Size: KolibriOS is very small - The kernel and most of the programs fit on a 1.44MB floppy disk!
  • Filesystem support: Read/write support for FAT16/32 (with long file names), ExFAT and ext2/3/4, read-only support for NTFS, XFS and CDFS(ISO9660).
  • Lightweight: Kolibri boots on any computer that has a Pentium (i586) compatible processor and at least eight megabytes of RAM.
  • Hardware support: A lot of the popular sound, network and graphics cards are supported (see supported hardware list)
  • Comes with a development kit (code editor with FASM macro-assembler integrated).


  • Kolibri-A - an exokernel version of KolibriOS for hardware engineers and driver developers