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Science program for Mesbauer spektroscopy. Not included in OS distribution
Program can process: singlet,dowblet,sixtet.
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Program manual

Backspace - to shortchange a spectrum.

s - To establish step of changes of physical parameters.

After pressing a key "s" it is necessary to choose a step of change of parameter.

  1. key "1" step =0.01
  2. key "2" step =0.1
  3. key "3" step =1
  4. key "4" step =10
  5. key "5" step =100
  • Key "I" - set change isomer shift.
  • key "Q" - set change quadrupol shift.
  • key "H" - set change field on th ekernel of atom.
  • key "a" - set change amplitud of lorents.
  • key "G" - set change width of lorents.
  • Keys: 1,2,3,4,5,6 set number appropriate lorents.

Keys "up" and "down" increase or reduce appropriate parameter.