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Short Description

A simple but useful listing of PCI devices.

The program counts over PCI address space and if the address corresponds to an actual device - stores some device-relative information in a text table.

The program includes two vendor database files: vendors.inc and vendors.add The full list covers 1,000 vendors rising the program size upto 33kB. Some size-critical distrubutives may exclude the 2nd database file that reduces the code downto 10kB.

Version 2.3 also checks available memory-mapped I/O chanels granted to user applications. If such a channel exists, PCIDEV makes a short (64-byte) text dump of each memory-mapped area.

PCIDEV code is a self-explaining demonstration how to use KolibriOS' PCI & MMIO system functions.


  • Jason Delozier <cordata51@hotmail.com>
  • Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest <mario79@bk.ru>
  • Victor Alberto Gil Hanla aka vhanla <vhanla@gmail.com>
  • Mihailov Ilia aka Ghost <ghost.nsk@gmail.com>
  • Marat Zakiyanov aka Mario79 <mario79@bk.ru>
  • Artem Jerdev aka art_zh <art_zh@yahoo.com>

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