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Replaced by ZeroConfig

Short Description

This program allows you to set up the stack automatically with the IP's it receives from a DHCP server. Link-local is also supported and is used when no DHCP server is available. The program will run in background and output information to the debug board.


  • hidnplayr
  • derPENGUIN

Current status of the program

DHCP works flawless



Debug output in debugBOARD. Here you see the link-local service in action.


  • colission detection
  • full zero-config support

Extra info

Since this program is a servive (that's why it has an @ in the name), you can make it run when kolibrios boots so it will automattically setup your network connection on boot. To do so, do the following in kolibrios:

open AUTORUN.DAT with tinypad and add this line: /sys/@AUTODHCP <NO> 30 # Automated DHCP client by hidnplayr now, increment the number at the beginning of the file and save it.