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SW, Sea War

The program file name sw.

Program description

"Sea war" game. KolibriOS contains version 0.4 of the game.

Aim and rules of the game

About the rules of this game read here


Press "New" button to start a new game.
After the game start, you have to arrange your ships on your game field, beginning with a battleship and ending with patrol boats. If you want to put your ship vertically click the emty space of the game field by the left mouse button, otherwise by the right one. Computer \can help you to arrange your ships, if you will press "Arrange" button (computer will not see your positions, I promiss ;)
After the ships have been positioned, you can begin to play. Just click the game field of the enemy. If you've missed, there will be drawn a small blue cross. If you hit a ship, there will be drawn a red square. Sunken ship is consist of crossed green squares.