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Game interface

Padenie (Falling) game.

The program file name padenie.

Program description

"Padenie" game. KolibriOS distribution contains version 1.0 of the game.

Aim and rules of the game

You have to lead your character through a series of holes in the floor, probably of a multi-storey building. The floor rapidly rises up to the ceiling, and your character must fall down through the holes, to not to be crushed. There is 8 levels in the game and every next level become harder than the previous one.


To start a new game press "1" on the keyboard
To move the character use arrow keys "Left" and "Right"
To pause the game press "P" on the keyboard
In the pause mode you have to press "1" if you want to start a new game, otherwise press "2" to return to the previous game.


Ch@ykin Evgeny