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"Kosilka" game. KolibriOS distribution contains version 1.11 of the game.

The program file name kosilka.

Aim and rules of the game

Managing the mower, you have to mow all the grass on the field. Unfortunately, the mower can not go where the grass was already cut, and it's greatly complicates the task.


To start a new game, press "Enter"
Before starting a new game you can change game skin ("S"), switch on/off animation ("A") and graffics ("G")
Manage the mower by the arrow keys
To cancell a step press "Backspace"
If you came to the conclusion that you can not pass the level, press "Esc", to restart the level (you can restart it two times). When attempts to pass the level is exhausted, you can return to the menu or exit the game.


Andrey Mihailovich aka Dron 2004
Mario79 - important ideas
Leency - skins, ideas
Diamond - idea of the step cancellation