KolibriOS Summer of Code 2013

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KolibriOS is going to apply as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2013. This page contains our ideas list and some additional information for students and mentors.


You can find the organizers on the IRC channel (#kolibrios @ irc.freenode.net) or at our forum: http://board.kolibrios.org/

Name Nickname Role
Yogev Ezra yogev_ezra Primary Administrator
Anton Kochkov xvilka Mentor, Secondary Administrator
Dmitry Pereverzev SoUrcerer Mentor
Jeffrey Amelynck hidnplayr Mentor


Web browser

Summary: Write a proper HTML web browser for KolibriOS



  • Primary goal: Have mostly complete HTML4 support on a good enough level to read non-complex (mobile?) websites
  • Secondary goal: Add certain elements of CSS, speed optimizations
  • Language: Assembler/FASM
  • Skill level: intermediate/advanced
  • Suggested by: Pretty much everyone in Kolibri