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The KolibriOS developer team makes use of a central SVN source code repository.
Not only the KolibriOS kernel and its drivers, but also almost all known open-source program and library can be found on this system.

The repository is located at svn:// and can also be browsed through

There are also read-only repository mirrors (only for checkout, no commits) for git:,

Installing Subversion


  • Ubuntu
apt-get install subversion
  • Archlinux
pacman -S subversion

Mac OS

  • Mountain Lion
Install the Command Line Tools for Xcode from Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads.
Or download it directly from
  • Previous versions
Comes installed.


Get code

  • In a terminal go to where you want to put the source code of Kolibri.
  • Now run the following and wait:
svn checkout svn:// kolibrios


As mentioned above, is where you can grab a copy from Git. You cannot commit to the repo, the git is only a mirror of the SVN. Please get SVN write access if you wish to make contributions!