Booting from PXE

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To Boot Kolibrios from network by using PXE, you'll need:

  • A PXE compatible network card (you may also use gPXE if you have problems with your default ROM)
  • A TFTP server (I use TFTPD32, this program can also serve as your DHCP server)
  • A DHCP server wich can set the 'boot' option (I use DnsMasq on my router with DD-WRT firmware.)
  • pxelinux (from the syslinux package)
  • KolibriOS virtual floppy image (kolibri.img)

Begin with setting up the DHCP and TFTP server. (Read about how to get started here.)
In the root of the TFTP server, place the files "pxelinux.0" and "memdisk" wich you'll find in the syslinux binaries package. Place your kolibri.img file in the root folder too.
Create a subdirectory named "pxelinux.cfg", this will hold the configuration files, wich can be different per computer. (MAC-address or IP-address bound, read this)

A possible configuration file is this:

default kolibri
label kolibri
 kernel memdisk
 append initrd=kolibri.img