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Bulls aNd Cows
Game interface

"Bulls and cows" game. KolibriOS distribution contains version 0.01 of the game.

The program file name bnc.

Aim and rules of the game

Computer conceived a secret 4-digit number with not repeating digits. The player (ie you) makes attempts to guess the number. One attempt is a 4-digit number with not repeating digits reported to the opponent. The computer reports in response how many digits guessed without the concurrence of their positions in the secret number and how many guessed together with the position in the secret number.


  • Let's suppose that secret number is 3219
  • Attempting to guess: 2310
  • The result is two "cows" (two numbers: 2 and 3 guessed) and a "bull" (a number 1 guessed together with the position).

You have 10 attempts in total.


To start a new game press "New".
To input numbers use digits :)
To check the number press "Enter".
To delete mistaken digit press "Backspace".