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'''NOTE!''' A lot of the information here is now on [[Google Summer of Code 2013]].
'''What I want to see in Kolibri tomorrow:'''
'''What I want to see in Kolibri tomorrow:'''

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NOTE! A lot of the information here is now on Google Summer of Code 2013.

What I want to see in Kolibri tomorrow:

 Full NTFS support [▓▓▓ 50%... ]
 The reading works good, no writing yet
 Mouse driver and cursor arrow perfectising
 There are still some problems with mice remaining, but nobody cares. 
 By the way: the scrolling is also in this set
 GUI improvement
 No designers ready to make a proper plan at the moment, 
 to say nothig about the executive stuff to carry it out...
 To remake the Desktop as a single application
 Ideally, to bring all the GUI to DLL <-> Desktop tandem
 IPC improvement
 Completion, perfectising, etc.
  device enumeration - without system reboot
 PnP-related stuff
 Full-featured installation suite [▓▓ 30%... maximYCH]
 Full-featuredd HDD boot [▓▓▓▓▓ 75%... ]
 My-Network-Card support [▓▓▓ 50%...]
 ext2/ext3 support [▓▓ 50%... turbanoff]

1. Proper LAN system that includes Samba/NFS, PPPoE, network auto-configuration
3. VPN
4. PE or PE-related executable format support.
5. NVIDIA driver.

Yet even harder tasks:

1. Windows drivers support
2. Forth ([[1]]) our own
3. Transparent windows
4. WiFi/GPS/Bluetooh


Basics (all items hereafter shall be started with "The full-featured..."

-1. Framework.
0. Desktop =)
1. File manager
2. Graphics editor
3. Media player
4. Browser
5. Archive packer
6. ICQ
7. Command-line shell
8. Basic painting software.
9. Mini-office (at least rtf, doc, txt, cvs, xls)
10. General system buffer

WHAT?/You mad?

1. sound editor - better to port Wavela
2. CD/DVD burner
3. ODBC & Java 4. ADO
5. smthg like EasyRecovery (to undelete files)
6. Also: s/w like Aida32 and SiSoftware Sandra.
7. An Apache-compatible web server
8. DBMS server as MySQL
9. Flash(TM)-player
10. A full-featured image editor like Photoshop(its 100%clone, please) or Fireworks
11. Php processor
12. Plenty of fonts
13. MS Windows(TM) emulator
14. Good (3D) games

Some minor asks:

1. It's better to have <- and -> keys to hide/show windows; Let the system menu hide after the second click.
2. Use Alt+F4 to close all applications (yet not working somewhere);
3. File managers shaw a red banner when one tries to open an unknown file. It's quite hard to hide it even pressing 'X'. Better to close the banner with 'Enter' or/and Alt+F4, that's not to seek for the mouse..., esp if have no one.
4. KolibriOS lets applications to be launched many times. Hence, duplicate run of some diagnostic/testing programs is akin of a bug, esp taking into account there's no window shift of duplicates. I want to block such duplicates or at least shift their windows.
5. About ALT-Tab. One need to press it all the tine to switch between applications, MS Windows(TM) lets simply hold ALT, and only press Tab.
6. I want the Undo option in Tinipad (Ctrl+Z / Undo) at least for 2-3 last steps (15-20 better). It will greatly stimulate in-system development
7. Hard disk write for all VM
8. Better advertise the OS to recruit new developers