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Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio, Azalia) - an audio controller and codec standard developed by Intel in 2004 as a replacement for AC97. It has a number of advantages, allowing it to provide better audio quality. It also standardizes the audio function controller, allowing the same unified driver to be used for all sound cards.

It also allows detection of devices connected to audio jack and device type detection (speaker/headphone/microphone/etc.)

Detailed information

HDA controller list

Vendor Vendor ID Controller Device ID
Intel 0x8086 82801F 0x2668
63XXESB 0x269a
82801G 0x27d8
82801H 0x284b
82801_UNK1 0x2911
82801I 0x293e
82801_UNK2 0x293f
82801JI 0x3a3e
82801JD 0x3a6e
PCH 0x3b56
PCH_UNK1 0x3b57
SCH 0x811b
CPT 0x1c20
Nvidia 0x10de MCP51 0x026c
MCP55 0x0371
MCP61_1 0x03e4
MCP61_2 0x03f0
MCP65_1 0x044a
MCP65_2 0x044b
MCP67_1 0x055c
MCP67_2 0x055d
MCP78_1 0x0774
MCP78_2 0x0775
MCP78_3 0x0776
MCP78_4 0x0777
MCP73_1 0x07fc
MCP73_2 0x07fd
MCP79_1 0x0ac0
MCP79_2 0x0ac1
MCP79_3 0x0ac2
MCP79_4 0x0ac3
MCP89_1 0x0d94
MCP89_2 0x0d95
MCP89_3 0x0d96
MCP89_4 0x0d97
ATI 0x1002 SB450 0x437b
SB600 0x4383
VIA 0x1106 VT82XX 0x3288
SiS 0x1039 966 0x7502
ULI 0x10B9 M5461 0x5461
Teradici 0x6549 TERA_UNK1 0x1200
RDC Semiconductor 0x17f3 R3010 0x3010

HDA codec list

Vendor Vendor ID Codec Device ID
Realtek 0x10ec ALC260 0x0260
ALC262 0x0262
ALC268 0x0268
ALC660 0x0660
ALC662 0x0662
ALC663 0x0663
ALC861 0x0861
ALC861VD 0x0862
ALC880 0x0880
ALC882 0x0882
ALC883 0x0883
ALC885 0x0885
ALC887 0x0887
ALC888 0x0888
ALC889 0x0889
Analog Devices 0x11d4 AD1981HD 0x1981
AD1983 0x1983
AD1984 0x1984
AD1986A 0x1986
AD1988 0x1988
AD1988B 0x198b
CMedia 0x434d CMI9880 0x4980
Sigmatel 0x8384 STAC9221 0x7680
STAC9221_A2 0x7682
STAC9221D 0x7683
STAC9220 0x7690
STAC922XD 0x7681
STAC9227 0x7618
STAC9271D 0x7627
STAC9205 0x76a0
Conexant 0x14f1 CX20549 0x5045
CX20561 0x5051
VIA 0x1106 VT17085_0 0x0397
VT1708_8 0x1708
VT1708_9 0x1709
VT1708_A 0x170a
VT1708_B 0x170b
VT1709_0 0xe710
VT1709_1 0xe711
VT1709_2 0xe712
VT1709_3 0xe713
VT1709_4 0xe714
VT1709_5 0xe715
VT1709_6 0xe716
VT1709_7 0xe717
VT1708B_1 0xe721

Supported hardware

The current KolibriOS HDA driver does not work under all hardware. It is still under development, but this section will be updated from time to time. Anyone who wants to help can help on the forums.

This table provides a list of test configurations, HDA codecs and controllers as well as their compatibility with KolibriOS.

Tested configurations

Controller Codec Compatibility with Kolibri Notes
ATI SB600 Realtek ALC663 + Works ASUS M51Tr
ATI SB600 Realtek ALC883 + Works ASUS M4A78-EH
ATI SB600 Realtek ALC887 + Works ASUS M4A78-VM
ATI SB600 Realtek ALC887 + Works GA-MA78LMT-S2
ATI SB600 Realtek ALC888 + Works
ATI SB600 IDT 92HD81B1X + Works
ATI SB600 VIA VT1708B_1 + Works
NVidia MCP55 ? + Works
NVidia MCP73 ALC888 + Works Packard Bell
NVidia MCP78_1 Realtek ALC662 + Works
NVidia MCP78_1 VIA VT1708B_1 + Works
NVidia MCP78 -6 Only digital audio outputs
Intel 82801F Realtek ALC662 + Works ASUS eeePC 701
Intel 82801F Realtek ALC662 + Works ASUS eeePC 900
Intel 82801F Sigmatel STAC9221 + Works VirtualBox 4.0
Intel 82801F Qumranet HDA-DUPLEX + Works Qemu 0.14
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC269 + Works
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC272 + Works Acer Aspire 250D
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC662 + Works Zotac NM10-ITX
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC662 + Works
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC882 + Works ASUS P5LD2
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC883 + Works ASUS P5GZ-MX
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC883 + Works ASUS P5L-VM 1394
Intel 82801G Realtek ALC883 + Works G31M-ES2C
Intel 82801G Analog Devices AD1986A + Works
Intel 82801G Analog Devices AD1986HD Status unknown HP Compaq nc6320
Intel 82801G Conexant CX20549 Status unknown HP 530 KP464AA
Intel 82801G SigmaTel STAC9221_A2 Status unknown
Intel 82801H Realtek ALC268 + Works eMachines
Intel 82801H Realtek ALC888 + Works Commell LP-170C Pico-ITX
Intel 82801H Realtek ALC889 Status unknown
Intel 82801H Conexant CX20561 Status unknown
Intel 82801I Realtek ALC262 + Works Toshiba Portege R600
Intel 82801I Realtek ALC883 + Works
Realtek ALC888 + Works
Silicon Image SI1392 -6 Only digital audio outputs
Intel 82801I Analog Devices AD1984A + Works HP EliteBook 8730w
Intel 82801I Analog Devices AD198B Status unknown ASUS P5K-E
Intel 82801I IDT 92HD75B3 Status unknown
Intel 82801I VIA VT17085_0 + Works
Intel CPT Realtek ALC889 + Works H67
Intel CPT IDT 92HD81B1X5 + Works HP Pavilion dv6
Intel CPT IDT 92HD87B1_3 + Works HP ProBook 4530s
Intel PCH Realtek ALC269 + Works Dell Intel i5
Intel PCH Realtek ALC272 + Works Acer Aspire 5742Z
Intel PCH Realtek ALC888 + Works Acer Aspire 4740G
Intel PCH IDT 92HD81B1X + Works Dell Vostro3300
RDC R3010 Realtek ALC262 + Works eBox-3300MX (Vortex86MX)
RDC R3010 Realtek ALC262 + Works eBox-3350MX (Vortex86MX)
RDC R3010 Realtek ALC262 + Works Edubook (Vortex86MX)


1. HDA specification
2. HDA information on Intel website