How to make changes and test CPUID application of KolibriOS

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Environment: Windows machine + VMWare Workstation -> Ubuntu

Following this guidlines:

1) Create CPUID application

CD to KolibriOS/Program/System/CPUID/trunk/

Run this command:


‘ls’ to check CPUID is created. Now we need to copy this to the disc.

2) Copy CPUID to disk:

sudo mkdir /media/floppy1/
sudo mount -o loop ~/kolibrios/kolibri.img /media/floppy1/
sudo mkdir /media/floppy1/my
sudo cp ~/kolibrios/programs/system/CPUID/trunk/CPUID /media/floppy1/my 
sudo umount /media/floppy1/

This should copy the CPUID to disk, to check you can check ‘my’ folder before unmounting the disk.

3) Running a program in VirtualBox

Installing Oracle VM VirtualBox:

 sudo apt-get install virtualbox

Creating virtual machine:

 vboxmanage createvm --name "kolibrios" --register
 vboxmanage storagectl "kolibrios" --name "Floppy" --add floppy
 vboxmanage storageattach "kolibrios" --storagectl "Floppy" --port 0 --device 0 --type fdd --medium ~/kolibrios/kolibri.img

Running KolibriOS:

 vboxmanage startvm "kolibrios" &

4) Open your modified CPUID application in KolibriOS Once inside kolibri, open KFAR.

In the right hand side, open up your disc image. Should look like this. Example.png

Run CPUID application. (Just double click this ). Should see your updated CPUID application.

Note: This method should work to make changes and test other applications of KolibriOS as well.