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KolibriOS is VERY light on system requirements, using as little as 1MB of disk space and 8MB RAM to run. In terms of processing power, Intel's original Pentium (P5 microarchitecture) or compatible processor is sufficient to fully enjoy KolibriOS.

Here is a list of supported devices for KolibriOS.


Name Devices Notes
drm/radeon Radeon graphics cards (same as supported by Linux) Based on Linux "radeon" kernel driver
drm/i915 Intel graphics cards (same as supported by Linux) Based on Linux "i915" kernel driver
vesa VESA 1.2 and 2.0 Included in the KolibriOS kernel


Name Devices Notes
emu10k1x Creative labs EMU10K1X
ensoniq Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1371 This driver is only a stub at the moment. It doesn't work but you can help improve it.
fm801 FM801
intelac97 AC97 Supports most AC97 cards (intel, nForce)
intel_hda Intel/Realtek/... HD Audio Supported devices and more information
sb16 Sound Blaster 16
sisnbook SIS PCI audio (Sis 7012)
vt823x VIA AC97 (VT8233(C), VT8235, VT8237, VT8237R (Plus))


Name Device
3c59x 3Com Fast EtherLink (3c59x/450/555/556/575/900/905/980)
i8255x Intel eepro/100 (8255x, 82562, 82801,..)
pcnet32 AMD PCnet (79c970, 79c978, 79c973,..)
r6040 RDC Semiconductors R6040
rtl8029 Realtek 8029/8019
rtl8139 Realtek 8139 and clones
rtl8169 Realtek 8110/8111/8168/8169
sis900 SiS900, 7016
forcedeth nVidia nForce chipsets (doesn't work in new network stack yet)

Only in new stack

The new stack is currently in testing and can be downloaded from [1] (daily build). More information on the wiki (New Stack).

Please note that the "forcedeth" driver does NOT work on the new stack.

Name Device
bcm57xx A stub for the Broadcom driver. Right now it doesn't work, but you can help improve it.
dec21x4x VirtualPC only
i8254x Intel PRO/1000 (i8254x)
mtd80x Only Myson MTD803
rhine VIA Rhine II and III


Name Devices Notes
cdrom CD-ROM drives
fdc Floppy disk drives
ide_cache IDE drive cache
ps2mouse4d PS/2 mouse
uhci USB UHCI controller Mostly HID

Unofficial drivers

WARNING: Those drivers are NOT supported by the KolibriOS dev team

Name Devices Source Notes
USB 2.0 HID and mass storage so far [2] Currently not open-source, unstable