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Here is a list of supported devices for KolibriOS.


Name Devices Since Notes
drm/radeon Radeon graphics cards (same as supported by Linux) 2009(?) Based on Linux "radeon" kernel driver
drm/i915 Intel graphics cards (same as supported by Linux) 2012(?) Based on Linux "i915" kernel driver
vesa VESA 1.2 and 2.0 2005(?) Included in the KolibriOS kernel


Name Devices Since Notes
a5536 AMD Geode 2008(?)
intel_hda Intel HD Audio (possibly supports other HDAs (e.g. Realtek ALC888) - see forum) December 2012 Added from Asper 0.18b
sisnbook SIS PCI audio 2008(?)


Name Device
3c59x 3Com Fast EtherLink 3c59x, 3c900, 3c905
i8255x Intel 8255x, 82562
r6040 R6040
rtl8029 Realtek 8029
rtl8139 Realtek 8139
rtl8169 Realtek 8110/8111/8168/8169
sis900 SiS 900

Only in new stack

Name Device
dec21x4x VirtualPC only
i8254x Intel 8254x
rhine VIA Rhine


Name Devices Since Notes
cdrom CD-ROM drives
fdc Floppy disk drives
ide_cache IDE drive cache
ps2mouse4d PS/2 mouse 2006-2007(?)
uhci USB UHCI controller 2008(?) Mostly HID

Community drivers

WARNING: Those drivers are NOT supported by the KolibriOS dev team

Name Devices Source Notes
USB 2.0 HID and mass storage so far [1] Currently not open-source, unstable