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(How do I work with KolibriOS's SVN server)
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====How do I work with KolibriOS's SVN server====
====Where is the soruce code? / How do I work with KolibriOS's SVN server?====
[[How_to_use_the_KolibriOS_Team_SVN_server|Fast start]]<br>
[[Get source code]]<br>
[[How_to_use_the_KolibriOS_Team_SVN_server/ru|Russian version of page]]
[[How_to_use_the_KolibriOS_Team_SVN_server/ru|Russian version of page]]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the soruce code? / How do I work with KolibriOS's SVN server?

Get source code
Russian version of page

Is support for NTFS writing planned?

Not at the moment.

How do I create a bootable CD from the floppy image?

  1. In nero, create a new BOOTABLE cd.
  2. In the BOOT options tab, select 'floppy emulation' and select 'image'.
  3. Set the path of the floppy image.
  4. Create the project, you may also add other data to the disk. (games as doom, quake,..)
  5. Burn it.

My USB mouse doesn't work.

Kolibri itself does not support USB mice.
In most BIOSes there is an option to emulate the USB mouse as PS2, find it, and activate it.
If that doesn't work, you can try CleverMouse's USB stack from the forums.

How can I boot KolibriOS from...

  1. DualBoot Kolibrios with Windows NT/2K/XP
  2. Booting from GRUB
  3. Booting from USB flash
  4. Booting from PXE

What hardware is supported?

Supported Hardware

Where is all the documentation?

You can find the latest API documention in /kernel/docs/ in the SVN repository (WebSVN)

See also

  1. HowTo