PosCard User Manual

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This document explains what PosCard can do, and what you need to know to work with PosCard stack files.

Using PosCard

Basic features

Creating and modifying stack files

Creating and modifying backgrounds and cards

Creating and modifying buttons

Creating and modifying fiels

Using rich text (rtf)

Use the "rtf_import" menu function to import rtf formatted text from a rtf formatted text file into a textfield.
Use the Copy/Paste menu functions to copy rtf text from one field into another field, possibly in another stack.
Hold the ??? to paste the text without style.
Use the "rtf_export" menu function to save the contents of a field to a file, in rtf format.
PosCard honors the basic rtf commands and styles but not all.

Drawing on screen

Use the ??? menu-function to import an image in the foreground.
Chose background editing mode to import an image in the background.
A background image is opaque, a foreground image can be opaque or transparent.
Use the drawing menu functions to add simple graphics:

  • lines
  • rectangles
  • text


Good luck!